Maternity Photography

For many women, getting the positive report for pregnancy is the most important and probably the biggest achievements. Moreover, this event would become even more important if this happens to be the first time. You have done something so amazing by creating this life. You may feel big, but you are carrying a happy and healthy baby, That is amazing! We will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable, and give you a visual memory log of this wonderful blessed time in your life with our maternity photography.


Every pregnancy is different, so the timing of your session will vary. The best time to schedule a maternity session is around 34 weeks with a big bump. Having regular doctor visits and preparing for a new baby, time gets away from us. So, scheduling within this time frame is necessary to make sure you’re on the schedule.


So many of us worry about how we look. To be honest, we feel if you’re comfortable with something, that’s the most important thing. We do recommend solid colors, and simple is usually better. However, if you have something you love and you’re comfortable in it, please wear it!


Pregnancy photography is not the same as other forms of picture taking. It’s main focused to make the photographs a lot more natural by taking photos of the motherly facial expressions together with the bodily changes. You need a professional photographer to bring out the best in your maternity photography.


Some moments only happened once. Don’t let these moments pass you by.

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Each pregnancy is unique. Every women deserves the best coverage for their maternity photography. Yikeshu Wedding Photography and Bridal Studio is grateful to be part of your eternal memories. Your maternity photography are not just photos. These are some life-changing moments you want to cherish forever. With love and passion we aim to capture your memories.[/call_to_action]