Cake Smash Photography

Cake smash photography is a fun and creative way to capture the milestone of a child’s first birthday. The concept involves a child sitting or standing in front of a beautifully decorated cake, with the idea being that they will “smash” the cake and make a mess, while the photographer captures the moment. Cake smash is not only a fun and unique way to commemorate a child’s first birthday, but it also creates beautiful and lasting memories for the parents. 

Cowboy Theme
Sunshine Theme
Watermelon Theme
Starry Night Theme
Jungle Theme
Seaside Theme
Ice Cream Theme
Hot Air Balloon Theme
Kitchen Theme
Bee Theme
Little Prince Theme
Pastry Theme
CocoMelon Theme
Duck Theme

Why should you do cake smash photoshoot for your kid?

  1. Memory-making : A cake smash session is a fun way to celebrate your child’s first birthday.
  2. Milestone celebration : It’s a unique way to commemorate a major milestone in your child’s life and capture their personality and growth.
  3. Adorable Photos : The messy and playful nature of a cake smash creates cute and quirky photos that parents will cherish for years to come.
  4. Fun Experience : Cake smashes are a fun activity for both the child and parents, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved. 

Customer Reviews


“Had an amazing time during our cake smash photography with Yikeshu! Really patient and good with children and knows how to make one comfortable during the photoshoot! Highly recommend to go Yikeshu for photography sessions!”


“Experience at Yikeshu has been fantastic!! Price is reasonable and photographer did a really great job capturing every moment of my baby girl for her cake smash Good job will definitely recommend Yikeshu to all my friends.”

Don't Miss Out on the Fun: Book Your Cake Smash Photoshoot Today!

✔️ Up to 1 hour of dedicated service with our talented photographer

✔️ 1 x Cake from selection

✔️ Decoration included

✔️ 5 edited softcopies

✔️ Rest of softcopies returned unedited (colour and exposure corrected only)

Package Price : $329