Outdoor Pre-Wedding Photography

Outdoor pre-wedding photography has become an important aspect of wedding preparations in Singapore. It is a wonderful way for wedding couples to capture their love story, and the memories they want to keep forever. With the help of our professional wedding photographers, outdoor pre-wedding photography allows the couple to showcase their love story and personality in a unique and creative way.

There are many reasons why wedding couples should do an outdoor pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore. Firstly, outdoor photoshoots offer a more natural and relaxed setting. With the beautiful landscapes, parks, beaches, and skylines, there is no shortage of stunning backdrops for the perfect pre-wedding photos. Additionally, outdoor pre-wedding photoshoots allow for more creativity and flexibility. There is a wide range of poses and settings that can be explored. The natural light provides a soft and warm glow that is perfect for capturing intimate moments. Couples can also choose to incorporate their interests and stories into their photoshoot. For example, how they met each other or their favorite dining locations. 

In conclusion, an outdoor pre-wedding photoshoot in Singapore is a must-do for every wedding couple. With its beautiful landscapes, stunning backdrops, couples can create timeless memories and a beautiful story that they will treasure for a lifetime.

Why Us?

Yikeshu Bridal and Photography Studio has a team of highly experienced and professional photographers who are dedicated to capturing the unique love story of each couple. With years of experience and a passion for capturing stunning images, our photographers are equipped with the skills and expertise needed to create breathtaking pre-wedding photos.

We also understand the importance of pre-wedding photography and the role it plays in capturing the essence of the couple’s relationship. We will work closely with you to understand your preferences, personality, and style to create portraits that are unique and personal. With our experience and expertise, we are able to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for you. This allows you to be yourselves and enjoy the photo shoot.

In conclusion, Yikeshu Bridal and Photography Studio is the perfect choice for wedding couples who are looking for professional, high-quality, and fun outdoor pre-wedding photography. With our experienced team, and commitment to customer satisfaction, couples can be confident that their pre-wedding photos will be just as beautiful and meaningful as their love story.


  • 3-hour outdoor photoshoot
  • 1x Basic gown for bride
  • 1x suit for groom
  • 1x make-up and hair styling (includes ampoules & fake eyelashes)
  • 20x edited soft copy photos (high resolution)
  • All softcopies returned (unedited but colour corrected)