Cake Smash Photography



  • Up to 1 hour of dedicated service with our talented photographer
  • 1 x Cake from selection
  • Decoration included
  • 5 edited softcopies
  • Rest of softcopies returned unedited (colour and exposure corrected only)

*** Simple family photography with parents and siblings before actual cake smash


  • Baby optimally be between 9 months and 11 months old
  • Do note that cake smash photography session is more for the baby themselves, and is a cake smash session. Not to be use for family photography portraiture. Only a few clicks of family photo (before the cake is out) will be done.
  • Valid within 12 months from date of purchase.
  • Valid Mon – Sun 9am – 6pm (not including public holidays). Subjected to availability.
  • No other persons are allowed to take photos on the day of shoot other than photographers from Yikeshu.
  • All unedited photos are still colour and exposure corrected. Editing = removal of blemishes and contour shape adjustments if needed.