If you are planning on a pre-wedding photography in Taipei, other than Yang Ming Shan, the other location that you should not miss is Tamsui (淡水, Danshui).

Most renowned for its amazing sunset landscape, Tamsui is home to a large array of restaurants, cafés, shops, hawker stalls, street performers, traditional cultural performances, and is the gateway to Taiwan’s scenic North Coast.

While Tamsui (淡水, Danshui) draws tourists to their old street and hawker fare, there is more to what it can offer and that is pre-wedding photography spots. In this article, we show you some of the locations that you can have for pre-wedding photography in Tamsui (淡水, Danshui).

漁人碼頭 (Fisherman's Wharf)

沙崙海水浴場 (Shalun Beach)

沪尾炮台 (Hobe Fort)

馬偕教堂 (Tamsui Church)

馬場草地 (Racecourse Grassland)

紅毛城 (Fort San Domingo)

So there you have it, Tamsui (淡水, Danshui) is truly a spectacular location to have if you wish to have your pre-wedding photography taken in Taipei.  

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