Studio Pre-wedding photography

Studio pre-wedding photography is a trend that is gaining popularity among couples who are soon to be married. It is a photo shoot that captures the love, intimacy, and connection between the couple in a controlled and intimate setting. With the help of our professional wedding photographers, studio pre-wedding photography allows the couple to showcase their love story and personality in a unique and creative way.

Why Us?

Yikeshu Bridal and Photography Studio is a leading studio that provides professional pre-wedding photography services to couples. Our photographers, with years of experience, are experts in capturing the love and emotion between the couple in an elegant and beautiful way. With the use of advanced equipment and lighting, we are able to create stunning portraits that are both timeless and romantic.

We also understand the importance of pre-wedding photography and the role it plays in capturing the essence of the couple’s relationship. We will work closely with you to understand your preferences, personality, and style to create portraits that are unique and personal. With our experience and expertise, we are able to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for you, allowing you to be yourselves and enjoy the photo shoot.

In conclusion, pre-wedding photography is a must for all couples who want to capture the love and connection they share before their big day. With the help of a professional photographer from Yikeshu Bridal Studio, couples can be assured of stunning and unique portraits that will capture the essence of their relationship. So why wait? Book your pre-wedding photography session with us today and start capturing the memories of your love story!


  • 2-hour indoor studio photoshoot
  • 1x Premium gown for bride
  • 1x suit for groom
  • 1x make-up and hair styling (includes ampoules & fake eyelashes)
  • 20x edited soft copy photos (high resolution)
  • All softcopies returned (unedited but colour corrected)